Know what you can wear if you are in these states of India to celebrate Holi!

Holi, the festival that marks the arrival of the season of spring and the new farming season, is probably the most colorful fiesta around the globe. And, like the myriads of colors we see on the day of Holi, India takes pride in celebrating this day with similar variants of rituals, culture, costumes, and tradition in each different state. If you are planning to enjoy the gala-day in any of these major Holi-celebrating states for the first time, take a look at the costume guide below to experience the festival like a pro!

Add some UP wala tadhka to your outfits!

While Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate Holi at its peak, Uttar Pradesh is one of those states of India that celebrates this festival in every nukkadh and every gali.  From watercolors to mud, from dry colors to paint, they simply leave nothing! If you are planning to be the part of UP style of celebrating Holi for the first time, trust me, you will have memories to cherish forever. However, your outfit will play a major role.

We would advise you to opt for salwar kameez or a fusion wear like kurti and jeans while you buy online ethnic wear for ladies to go with the flow. Blend it with jhumkas and bangles to get that Desi look.

When in Goa, be like Goans!

Goa celebrates Holi like no other states of India. The energy and vibrancy of the fest can be felt from a month ago. From parties to concerts, the place seems to , be flooded with events and tourists. When it comes to choosing outfits for the celebration of Holi what they call Shigmo in Goa, you can easily settle for sundresses, shorts, and beach-wears.

Saare is the first bhalobasha in West Bengal!

It’s an old proverb amongst the Bengalis that ‘“Gaadi (car), Baadi(house) and Saree” is their first love!’ And so, they cannot ditch that even for the festival of colors. In fact, more than the colors, a few places like Shantiniketan and Bolpur love to enjoy this festival with flowers. Like always, cultural programs are quite common on this occasion. So, if you are in West Bengal, don’t forget to adorn a white or yellow saree with red border. Not to forget, a red bindi is a must! And trust me, you will look gorgeous than ever.

Holi or Navratri, Gujarat loves chaniya choli & Dholi taro Dhol Baje!

Remember Ram-Leela, the Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie in which there is a beautiful depiction of the Gujarati version of Holi? You might encounter a similar scenario there. With gorgeous women dancing and playing with colors while adorning unconventional lehenga or chaniya choli, the streets remain flooded with colors all around; the place is a must-visit!

Patiala Peg and Patiala Dress always suits Punjab!

As the loudness of their culture is felt throughout the country, it’s quite evident that Punjab surely knows to celebrate the festivals with much eccentricity. Carry a Patiala suit as it is the most-staple dress in Punjab not only for Holi, but also for the all other festivals. With the lively beats of dhol, Punjab dances like a free-bird and promises the visitors with a life-time experience.

So, wherever you are planning to celebrate Holi, don’t forget to buy ladies ethnic Indian wear from as it is a perfect a shopping portal for women. Offering a wide a range of women outfits that caters them with unconventional best ethnic wear at low prices.


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